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Buckfast Danmark / Langø gruppen

- since 1986

Our original Buckfast import to DK/ Langø Gruppen from BA/UK, SE, DE, LU

All lines are part of the Buckfast Abbey breeding/import program 1920-1996

11 breeds/origins and 5 sublines presented

- acquired from :

Karl Kehrle a.k.a. "Brother Adam" †  1996

Buckfast Abbey UK



According to our own research We believe that these original 11 breeds collected since 1986 , are the last existing lines from the breeding program developed at Buckfast

Abbey 1920-1996.

Our concept was to preserve at least a little part of the breeding program - in a fairly pure form - before it was mixed up or further improved

with 'New Buckfast'.

So, the following listed (15) Buckfast lines/sublines are not further developed by us, but rather preserved/conserved within a closed pool on Langø Island in a very stable

and consistent form. Some for more than 25 years.

If you want to learn more about the European 'New Buckfasters' - and the breeds they imported / developed in the intervening period (1994-2020) - please look here.

Here you will also find the new programs, breeding for Varroa Sensitive Hygene (VSH). In Denmark we use the designation CD# instead of B#(CD), when we name a Buckfast breeder.

We are very interested to learn if you have knowledge of further original "Old Buckfast" lines.

Thank you in advance.

Buckfast Danmark/Langø gruppen



Origin N/A

1945-Bxx43 x Old Buckfast Pool, Origin N/A, (Pedigree is missing in the years after World War II)

(Import DE 69-B125 x B124)

Adapted by BA since 1920 and FF,AH,CD

Oldest known pedigree and Buckfast line


1977- K-2 xB-427, Creta

(Import DE 77-K-2 x B-427)

Imported by BA and adapted by FF,CD

The breed was discovered by Brother Adam 1977. Extinct according to RW(CY)


1962-A416 x B436: .Sinop

Gene bank and carrier of the old Buckfast genes - back to 1920.

Brother Adams head line. The most dominant pedigree /drone and queen line - ever known to the world.

Sublines and hybrids are spread all over

A416 sublines contained in our breeding program :

1. Import SE 1978-B292 x B282

Adapted by BA and PS,MB,NB,CD

2. Import DK 1980-B265 x B129

Adapted by BA and HR,AG,CD

3. Import SE 1984-B387 x T301

Adapted by BA and CD

4. Import DK 1985-D321 x B193

Adapted by BA and PT,CD

5. Import DK 1986-B428 x B182

Adapted by BA and ST,CD


1972-A25 x Bpool: .Sinop

Import DK 82-B135 x B132

Adapted by BA and KB,PS,CD


1973-A-15 x B233: . Chorum

Import DE 84-A126 x T-301

Adapted by (BA) and FF,CD


1986-Sinop x B182: . Sinop

Import DK 87-A072 x Sinop

Adapted by (BA) and AG,CD


1986-Ez x B182, Erzurum

Import DE 88-EZ-1 x B137

Adapted by BA and FF,CD


1978-G104 x B-282. ,Longos

Import DE 78-G104 x B-282

Imported by BA and adapted by FF,CD


1981-T-A x B265: , Athos

Import LU 81-T-A x B265

Imported by BA and adapted by PJ,CD


1989-M02 x B123: ,Kenya,

Import DE 95-M201 x B171

Adapted by BA and FF,CD


1985-Atlas xB193: .Atlas

Import DK 86-S6 x B182

Adapted by BA and KB,CD




With special thanks :

Karl Kehrle a.k.a "Brother Adam" † 1996, Anders Glob (DK), Niels Bak Pedersen (DK), Poul Erik Sorensen (DK)  2012, Per Traholt (DK),

Keld Brandstrup (DK), Jorgen Bang (DK), Peter Stougaard (DK), Heinke Aumeier (DE), Franz & Klaus Fehrenbach (DE), Poul Jungels (LU)

- by the way of Jos & Anette Guth (LU)

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