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Buckfast Denmark / Langø Island

- since 1986

Original imports (UK, SE, DE, LU, DK)

- from the Buckfast Abbey breeding program.

11 races and 5 sublines presented

- all acquired from

Karl Kehrle a.k.a. "Brother Adam" †  1996

Buckfast Abbey UK


1977- K-2 xB-427, Creta

(Import DE 77-K-2 x B-427)

Discovered by Brother Adam. Early starter. Winterhard. L / XL family size.

Some swarm tendency and heterosis (CD-G3) Mixed family / drone color.

Cluster queen cells. Not nice hiveorder. Race extinct, according RW (CY).

Production above average. Dadant. Queen line.

Adapted by FF (DE)


1962-A416 x B436: .Sinop

Major gene bank, and carrier of the old Buckfast genes.

Brother Adams' favorite and most stable drone / queen line.

The most used drone and queen line at Buckfast Abbey and Scandinavian mating stations

- when Brother Adam was in charge of Buckfast bee keeping.

Commercial line. Generally very homogeneous F1 open / pool mated.

Many adaptions and commercial sublines all over.

A416 - Imported sublines contained in this breeding program :

1. Import SE 78-B292 x B282

Winterhard, low/no swarming

Garden bee. Small compact family, below average production.

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1990, 2015

Adapted by PS,MB,NB,CD (DK)

2. Import DK 80-B265 x B129

Tricky temper, little heterogeneous. Above average production

Adapted by HR,AG,CD (DK), droneprovider Lango mating station 2009

3. Import SE 84-B387 x T301

Dark Buckfast. Golden band drone. Average production.

Adapted by CD (DK), droneprovider Lango mating station 1997,1998, 2011

4. Import DK 85-D321 x B193

Allrounder. Healthy brood and bee. Velvet robust brood sealing.

Golden band drone. Average production.

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2014

Adapted by PT,CD (DK),

5. Import DK 86-B428 x B182

No, low swarming. Robust compact brood sealing. Small family. Little Inbreed.

Very homogeneous. Below average production. Dominant nice temper, and hive order.

Common line (DK) No, low swarming. Commercial subline.

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1999, 2004, 2010, 2012

Adapted by ST,CD (DK),


1972-A25 x Bpool: .Sinop

Import DK 82-B135 x B132

Clean frames, no propolis. Nice comb build. Allround nice hive order. Small/medium family.

Average or below honey production. Earlier very commercial (DK). No swarmer.

Drone provider Lango mating station 1991, 1992, 2005, 2008

Adapted by KB,PS,CD all DK


1973-A-15 x B233: . Chorum

Import DE 84-A126 x T-301

Tricky temper, dark brown Buckfast, above average production (CD-F2 still heterosis).

Hygene below average . Queen line. Not commercial.

Adapted by FF (DE)


1986-Sinop x B182: . Sinop

Import DK 87-A072 x Sinop

Very Buckfast. Allrounder. Small family. Nice hive order and homogeneous F1, even open mated.

Golden band Buckfast drones. Average production. Commercial line.

Droneprovider Lango mating station 2002, 2003

Adapted by AG,CD (DK)


1986-Ez x B182, Erzurum

Import DE 88-EZ-1 x B137

Early development. Mixed color on family. Little tricky temper. Flies in cold weather.

Lighter Buckfast. Drone color mixed. Above average production (still heterosis CD-F2).

Queen line. Not commercial

Adapted by FF (DE)


1978-G104 x B-282. ,Longos

Import DE 78-G104 x B-282

Golden band drones. Above average production (CD-G2), low or no swarming. Very Healthy bee. Commercial line.

Drone provider Lango mating station 2013

Adapted by FF (DE),


1981-T-A x B265: , Athos

Import LU 81-T-A x B265

Typically queen/drone line in LU, B, FR

(CD-F4) Dominant nice temper and hiveorder, no/low swarming. Average production. .. Commercial line.

Adapted by PJ (LU)


1989-M02 x B123: ,Kenya,

Import DE 98-M201 x B171

Tricky temper, mixed color on family (heterosis CD-F2),

Monticola has faster brood development and low Varroa. Below average production. Not commercial. Queen line.

Adapted by FF (DE)

Origin N/A

1945-Bxx43 x Old Buckfast Pool

Origin N/A, (Pedigree missing in the years around World War II)

(Import DE 69-B125 x B124)

Eldest known Buckfast line, mixed with new import/combination in DE.

Nice temper,little swarm tendency, average or above production (heterosis CD-F2): Mixed family/drone color. Queen line.

Adapted by AH (DE)


1985-Atlas xB193: .Atlas

Import DK 86-S6 x B182

Tricky temper. Vicious open mated, 2 feno: Medium / XL or larger, great wing power mid /

late summer, "meat-bee", Dadant,

Thick white honey comb sealing, beautiful comb build (comb honey sales), commercial

line in west-EU. Average or above production.

PS: Sahariensis is sensitive to Chronic Paralysis Virus CPV and has no commercial value (Brother Adam)

Queen line only..

Adapted by KB,CD

According to my own research I believe that these original 11 lines are the last existing from the breeding program at Buckfast Abbey before 1996

I am therefore very interested if you have knowledge of other original lines. Thank you in advance.

Sale spring 2017

With special thanks :

Anders Glob (DK),Niels Bak Pedersen (DK), Poul Erik Sorensen (DK) 2012, Per Traholt (DK),Keld Brandstrup (DK)

Jorgen Bang(DK),Peter Stougaard (DK),Heinke Aumeier (DE),Franz & Klaus Fehrenbach (DE)

Poul Jungels (LU) by the way of Jos&Anette Guth (LU), Karl Kehrle a.k.a Brother Adam (UK)

Pedigree illustrated by :

Jean-Marie Van Dyck

Karl Kehrle Foundation

Thank you for visiting my hobby :)

Carsten Dalbol

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