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Terms and conditions 2017

EU and partner :

Queen mated Lango island station 2017, 95 Euro (sold out)

- shipping to EU and partner 10. july ) - and 28.august  2017

If you place a preorder, it will be random line (Anatolica)

Please return during season 2017, if you have special requests.


Overwintered(2018) Island mated queen- Lango Island 2017, 150 Euro.

- shipping to EU and partner around 1.may 2018. Please return 1/3-2018 when verified. No preorder.

Egg, semen, selected breeder, mature queen cell, virgin and open mated queens

- not available

TRACES health certificate (EU and partner) , 90 Euro

- deselection is not an option

Handling, 15 Euro (1-15 queens)

You will get an online invoice - after delivery of queens in good order at your place.

Paypal, any card or bank-transfer.

Transport to EU and partner : Post Danmark ,Aprioritaire, Track and trace.

Not member of EU or partners?

Contact : dalboel@post.tele.dk

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