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Drone  provider Langø Island Mating station (10 pcs., Not Available (N/A))::

CD303= .2015 - CD196CD150, Anatolica, Sinop1962 (G24)

Import SE 1984-B387 x T301

Rating 5,4,5,3

Average production, Healthy and resistant to most

varroa-related virus and Nosema , No/Low swarming. Commercial line.Very homogene.

Import SE 1984-B387 x T301

Adapted by BA and CD

Drone provider Langø Island mating station 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2011, 2018

F0 breeder number 2018:



CD191 = . 2016 - CD125 x CD074, Anatolica, Sinop1962 (G24) (N/A)

Import DK 1986-B428 x B182

Rating 5,4,5,4

Clean combs (no wax), low propolis. Nice comb build. Allround nice hive order. Pollenhamster. Homogene golden band Buckfast drone

XL-family size F1, and mostly gentle. Nosema resistant.

Above average production in 2017 and spring 2018. Earlier very commercial (DK).

Adapted by BA and KB,PS,CD

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1999, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2019?(pending)


CD009 = .2016 - CD272 x CD074, Sahariensis, Atlas1985, S6 (G16)

Rating 5,3,3,4-5

Import DK 1986-S6 x B182

Better temper. "Meat-bee". Dadant.

Thick white honey comb sealing.Beautiful comb build (comb honey sales-best in class). Average or above average honey production.

Drone provider Langø Island mating station - Never droneline.

Adapted by KB,CD


CD345= .2016 - CD270CD074, Anatolica, Sinop1972 (G23)

Rating 5,3,4,4

Import DK 1982- B135 x B132

Medium and XL family size.

Above average honey production. Huge winter cluster.

Continues build up between spring and summer draft. Low or no swarming F0

Earlier (90') very commercial in Denmark - and often used as drone provider on many Island mating stations.

Adapted by BA(UK) and KB,PS,CD

Drone provider Lango mating station 1991, 1992, 2005, 2008, 2017


CD045= .2016 - CD248 x CD074, Monticola, Kenya1989 (G11)

Rating 5,3,3,4

Import DE 1995-M201 x B171

Improved temper. Still mixed color on family/drone.

Monticola has faster brood development and lower Varroa. Healthy compact brood pattern. Above average honey production, in this generation

High production in south europe. Queen line

Adapted by FF (DE), (CD-G4)

Drone provider Lango mating station, pending - (2019?)


CD019= .2016 - CD289 x CD074, Adami, Crete1977 (G20)

Rating 5,3,3,4-5

Import DE 77-K-2 x B-427

Discovered by Brother Adam (Adami). Pure race extinct, and now mixed up(Crete), according RW (CY)

Very healthy bee/brood. Early starter. Winterhard. L / XL family size. Dadant.

Mixed family/drone color.

Cluster queen cells .

Production above average. Queen line. Experienced beeks.

Adapted by FF(DE), (CD-G4)

Drone provider Langø matingstation, pending


CD237= .2016 - CD049 x CD074, Cecropia, Longos1978 (G20) (N/A)

Rating 5,4,4,4

Import DE 78-G104 x B-282

Golden band Buckfast drone. Homogene brown color on drone and bee. Above average production. Low or no swarming.

Healthy bee. Commercial line.

Adapted by FF(DE), (CD-G4)

Drone provider Lango mating station 2013.


CD187= .2016 - CD072 x CD074, Anatolica, Sinop1962 (G25)

Rating 5,4,5,3

Import SE 1978-B292 x B282

Winterhard. No swarming. Lighter Buckfast

Small compact family/brood pattern, this generation. Average honey production.

Had a pure Ligustica mating (NB, Lyo) in 1991

Adapted by PS,MB,NB,CD

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1990, 2015


CD386= .2016-CD214 x CD074, Anatolica, Chorum1973 (G20) (N/A)

Rating 5,4,3,4

Import DE 84-A126 x T-301

Nice hiveorder. Homogene on color now. Golden band.Buckfast drone

Low swarming. Honey production above average.Pollenhamster.

Nice robust brood sealing. Nosema resistant.

Adapted by FF(DE), (CD-G3)

Droneprovider Lango mating station, pending (2019?)

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