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2019 : Sold out.

Drones  provider Langø Island Mating station (15 pcs., Not Available (N/A))::

CD191 = . 2016 - CD125 x CD074, Anatolica, Sinop 1962 (G24)

Import DK 1986-B428 x B182

Rating 5,5,5,4

Clean combs (no wax), low propolis. Nice comb build. Allround nice hive order. Pollenhamster. Homogene golden band Buckfast drone

XL-family size F1, and mostly gentle. Nosema resistant.

Above average production in 2017, 2018. Earlier very commercial (DK).

Adapted by BA and KB,PS,CD

Drones provider Lango mating station 1999, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2019

F0 - Selected breeder 2019: (Listed during season)

16/5 (day of grafting)

CD114= .2017 - CD117 x CD270 Anatolica, Sinop 1986 (G15)

Import DK 87-A072 x B121

Rating 5,3,3,3

Small/Medium family size. Nice hive order, and homogeneous. No swarming.

Dark golden band Buckfast drone. Average honey production. Allrounder. Commercial line.

Imported by BA(UK) and adapted by AG,CD

Drones provider Lango mating station 2002, 2003, 2016


CD064= .2017 - CD303 x CD270 Anatolica Sinop 1962 (G25)

Rating 5,5,4,3

Gardenbee. Golden band drone. Average production, Healthy and resistant to most

Varroa-related viruses and Nosema, No/Low swarming. Commercial line.

Import SE 1984-B387 x T301

Adapted by BA and CD (since 1991)

Drones provider Langø mating station 1997, 1998, 2011, 2018


CD023= .2017 - CD139 x CD270 Cecropia, Longos (G20)

Rating 5,3,4,3

Golden band drone. Homogene color on bee. Average honey production. Low swarming.

Healthy velvet brood, High virus resistance. Hive order below average.

Drones provider Lango mating station 2013,

Import DE 78-G104 x B-282

Adapted by FF(DE), (CD-G5)


CD089= .2017 - CD224 x CD270,, Anatolica, Sinop 1962 (G25)

Rating 5,4,4,3

Velvet robust brood sealing. Golden band uniform drone. Average honey production. No swarming in this generation

Very homogene. Compact brood area. Pollen hamster. Allrounder

Import DK 1985-D321 x B193

Droneprovider Lango mating station 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2014

Adapted by BA and PT,CD


CD020= .2017 - CD179 x CD270, Anatolica, Sinop (G24)

Rating 5,4,3,3.

Robust compact brood cealing. Small/medium family size. Homogeneous.

Average honey production. Nice hive order. Earlier common line in DK. Commercial line.

Import SE 1984-B387 x T301

Adapted by BA and CD

Drones provider Langø mating station 1999, 2004, 2010, 2012


CD224=2017. - CD152 x CD270, Armenica,Erzurum (G16) N/A

Rating 5,4,4,4

Fast build up. Still mixed color on family/drone. Flies in cold weather. High varoa tolerance/health

Lighter Buckfast. Above average production. Medium swarming.

Import DE 88-EZ-1 x B137

Adapted by FF, (CD-G4)

Drone provider Langø mating station, pending.


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