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F0 Overwintered 20→21 (100 pcs.)


Queens available for export late april, start may 2021. Supply is limited.

All queens are mated Langø mating station 2020. Queens are not rated. Underlying family

has a medium/high VSH but has to be treated!

You can expect a small/medium family, and low vitality in this F0 generation.

Pedigree 2020 will be updated with '©Karl Kehrle Found. NL' as soon as possible.

Thank you

Buckfast Danmark / Langø Gruppen


Updated 3. March 2021- 10:35


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LE187=. 2018 - CD191xCD303;. 2016 - CD125xCD074, Anatoca, Sinop1962 (Generation25)

Import DK 1986-B428 x B182

Rating 5,5,5,4

Gardenbee. Clean combs, low propolis. Nice comb build. Allround nice hive order. Pollenhamster.

Homogene golden band Buckfast drone

XL-family size F1, and mostly gentle. Nosema resistant.

Above average production in 2017, 2018. Earlier very commercial (DK).

Adapted by BA(UK) and KB,PS,CD,LE

Drones provider Lango mating station 1999, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2019

0/45- Sold out

LE211=. 2018 - CD009xCD103;.2016 - CD272xCD074, Sahariensis, Atlas,(Generation 17)

Import DK 1986-S6 x B182

Rating 5,3,3,5

Better temper. "Meat-bee".XXL family size F1 - Dadant.

Thick white honey comb sealing.Beautiful comb build (comb honey sales-best in class). Average or above average honey production.

Drones provider Langø matingstation, pending

Import BA(UK), adapted by KB,CD,LE

0/20 - Sold out

CL555=.2019 - CL343xCD191; .2017-CD179xCD270, Anatolica, Sinop (Generation 24)

Import SE 1984-B387 x T301

Rating 5,4,3,3.

Robust compact brood cealing. Homogeneous. XL family size F1

Average honey production. Nice hive order. Earlier common line in DK

Drones provider Langø Matingstation 1999, 2004, 2010, 2012

Adapted by BA(UK) and CD,CL

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Not available

Drones provider Langø Matingstation 2020:

LE215=.2017- CD139xCD270; .2015 - CD037 x CD150, Cecropia, Longos (Generation 21)

Import DE 78-G104 x B-282

Rating 5,4,4,4

Golden band drone. Homogene color on bee. Above average honey production. Low swarming.

Healthy velvet brood, High virus resistance.

Drones provider Langø mating station 2013,2020

Adapted by FF(DE),CD,LE

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